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Organization Growth

  • Oct. 1987: ORKC was incorporated as The Gadsden County Kennel Club

  • 1988-1991: Conformation and obedience matches were held to gain AKC approval – Hosted the very first Canine Good Citizen Test in the country at one of our matches.

  • 1992: Name was changed to Ochlockonee River Kennel Club of Florida, Inc. (ORKC) per AKC’s requirements and approval was given to start holding AKC Sanctioned Pointed Dog Shows.

  • Oct. 1992: First conformation show/obedience trial held in Albany, GA, in conjunction with the Thronateeska Kennel Club.

  • Feb. 1993: Hosted our first AKC Sanctioned Pointed Dog Shows and Obediece Trials at the N. Florida Fairgrounds in Tallahassee.

  • 1993-1998: Continued hosting our conformation show/obed. trials in Albany, GA, in October and Tallahassee, FL in February. 

  • Feb. 1998: Instigated and donated the money to put up the fencing to create the first dog park in N. FL at Tom Brown Park in Tallahassee for area dog owners.

  • Oct. 1998: Purchased  Purchased and restored the Merritt Lane property for the ORKC Club House and 2 acres grounds in Havana, Florida.

  • June 1999: Started preliminary agility activities and building agility equipment.

  • June-Aug.2000: Held the first agility B match followed by our agility A match to gain AKC approval.

  • Feb. 2001 & 2002: Held the first AKC Sanctioned agility trials in the North Florida area in conjunction with our February conformation dog show and obedience trials.

  • Feb/ 2003/4/5: ORKC hosted our first back to back conformation shows/obedience trials/ agility trials at the North Florida Fairgrounds.

  • Feb.2006: Added rally to the obedience portion of the ORKC Dog Show therefore added another dimension to the conformation show/obedience-rally trials/agility trials.

  • Feb. 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013:  ORKC hosted back to back conformation shows and agility trials adding a new dimension of agility called Jumpers with Weaves.

  • Feb. 2012, 2013, & 2014:  ORKC hosted 4 days of conformation shows with Greater Panama City Dog Fancier’s Association (GPCDF). ORKC offered 3 days of AKC Agility trials.

  • Feb. 2015: ORKC hosted a single day of obedience and rally trial, 4 day of conformation shows with GPCDF, 3 days of agility trials and added lure coursing which is another dog activity to our show.

  • June 2015: Hosted Barn Hunt Fun Day qualifying ORKC as an approved Barn Hunt organization.

  • August 2015:  Okaloosa Kennel Club joined the ORKC and the Greater Panama City Dog Fancier's Association to create a 5 day cluster show begining 2016.

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